Punch Moto e-bike is a minimalist design. Like it?

Hailing from Minsk, Belarus, the Punch Moto electric motorcycle is a strangely minimalist, brutal design that makes the rider look like they’re sitting on a PVC drain pipe. Drawing inspiration from the Russian “Suprematist” design school that sprung from the work of Russian artist Kazimir Malevich over 100 years ago, the Punch Moto is intended for use as an urban commuter.

Motive power for the Punch Moto comes from a 15 kW electric motor, the equivalent of about 20 hp, housed in a red casing that looks like an industrial water pump. At peak, this number rises to 25 kW or 33 hp, which is perfectly suited for around town riding and short trips.

Battery packs are installed with quick release fittings on either side of the Punch Moto and while no numbers are provided with regards to battery capacity, range is claimed to be 110 km. Speed, usually something of an issue with smaller electric motorcycles, is said to be 120 km/h.

Overall the Punch Moto looks something like a motard, with fenderless spoked wheels, upside down forks and monoshock. The extremely flat seat, looking like it was formed out pipe, with twin led taillights, doesn’t look like it might be comfortable but from videos on the Punch Facebook, it seems to work.

Single hydraulic discs front and rear perform stopping duties while the headlight is housed in a separate binnacle mounted on the forks. From photos and videos from Punch, it looks like this is the first production prototype and reports says there will be a low power version for Europe, allowing the Punch Moto to be ridden without the need of a motorcycle license.

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