AD: Mercedes-Benz EaseProtect Financing – unbeatable value and full protection of ownership

The past few months have been tough going for the economy, though more recently there has been a gradual return towards normality. For some, this means that a new vehicle purchase is back on the cards, and for those who looking to finance a new Mercedes-Benz, there have been two options: the traditional hire-purchase bank loan, and Agility Financing from Mercedes-Benz Financial Services.

There is now a third way. Enter EaseProtect Financing, which builds upon the opportunity to lower your monthly instalments commitment with Agility Financing, and adds another layer of security and protection by packaging comprehensive motor insurance along with a tyres and rims replacement service in the first year of ownership. Handy, given the state of most roads in Malaysia.

The additional benefits in EaseProtect Financing do add a little to the monthly payments compared to Agility Financing, however these offer added value along with the peace of mind of extra coverage should anything untoward happen to your Mercedes-Benz.

AD: Mercedes-Benz EaseProtect Financing – unbeatable value and full protection of ownership

For example, an A 200 hatchback financed for three years on EaseProtect Financing will incur a monthly sum of around RM2,980, or RM200 more than the same model on Agility Financing. Either way, these financing method are significantly more accessible than traditional bank loans, which has been estimated at nearly RM5,000 a month.

For a larger car such as the E 200, the monthly commitment over three years with EaseProtect is around RM4,580, or almost RM2,500 cheaper a month compared to the same car financed on a regular car loan. Suffice to say, financing your car through Mercedes-Benz offers savings of thousands, rather than mere hundreds.

What’s more, the EaseProtect scheme also packages comprehensive motor insurance under Mercedes-Benz Financial’s own Star Protect Plus plan which guarantees that any repairs required for your car will use only genuine Mercedes-Benz parts to bring it back as its maker intended. Naturally, all breakdown and towing services are covered by this programme.

AD: Mercedes-Benz EaseProtect Financing – unbeatable value and full protection of ownership

The core advantages of Agility and EaseProtect Financing include the guaranteed future value of your Mercedes-Benz at the end of its financing tenure with the programmes, which offer added peace of mind that is especially relevant in these times of greater uncertainty – if the economy goes completely haywire and the market for used vehicles dries up, Mercedes-Benz Financial’s Guaranteed Future Value ensure that your car’s value at the end of its term will remain exactly as agreed upon, and not one bit less.

The EaseProtect and Agility packages also come with Mobility Plus, a guarantee of a replacement car for you if your own is in the workshop for more than 48 hours. No ifs or buts; there will be a replacement car made available to you in that situation, and will also be a current Mercedes-Benz.

Convinced yet? Many already are, as more than 50% of all new Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles in Malaysia are financed by Mercedes-Benz Financial, and most of these customers return to the programme after their first stint for more of the ownership experience.

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  • Micheal on Aug 14, 2020 at 6:32 pm

    Can share what is the disadvantages? cannot be all good stuff right else traditional loan will no longer in the market :)

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  • Its real good deal. A200 hatchback if monthly sum RM2,980 over 3 years. Total RM 108K only.

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  • seancorr (Member) on Aug 14, 2020 at 6:51 pm

    Does this also apply to their approved pre reg vehicles?

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  • This should be a paid Advertisement. Shame on you paultan!

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