Ferrari has embraced electrification before, as seen with the LaFerrari and the more recent SF90 Stradale. However, not all of its models will benefit from the technology, as the Italian carmaker told Autocar UK that its two current models, namely the Portofino and Roma, will not receive hybrid variants.

At a press event for the Roma, Ferrari personnel told the publication that electrification was never originally intended for the grand tourer and convertible. As such, the 3.9 litre twin-turbo V8 will remain as the only engine option for both models for the long and foreseeable future, and fans of pure internal combustion engines can rest easy for now.

Ferrari’s chief marketing and commercial officer, Enrico Galliera, previously said that the Roma’s platform was developed to accept a petrol-electric powertrain, although the company had no plans for a hybrid version. “We could fit a hybrid powertrain to [the Roma] platform, there’s no doubt about it, but we would never do it on the same model,” he said.

Of course, the company is referring to its current crop of cars, and it fully intends to feature the tech heavily in future models. It previously said that 60% of the 15 new models it plans to introduce by 2022 will feature hybrid powertrains, with the replacement for the F8 Tributo, the upcoming Purosangue SUV and the next-gen LaFerrari expected to be part of an expanded hybrid line-up.