Ferrari to introduce another three models in 2019, hybrid electric direction to be intently pursued

Ferrari, which launched the F8 Tributo in March and SF90 Stradale plug-in hybrid last week, isn’t quite done in terms of product reveals for the year. The automaker is due to unveil another three models before the year is out, movement that CEO Louis Camilleri says is unprecedented in the automaker’s history, but a necessity in response to the fast moving landscape at present.

“The current global landscape is characterised by accelerated change unlike anything ever experienced before. In business, in communications, in our daily lives. We at Ferrari have chosen to face the future by pursuing ourselves in the driving seat and challenging, our way,” he said during the press launch of the SF90 Stradale in Maranello.

“It is a year in which we have decided to significantly increase our product offerings. Firstly, because standing still and waiting for things to happen is not an option. Also because one of Enzo Ferrari’s great lessons was not only to know how to read the times but also to anticipate them. The unprecedented speed with which change is happening does not frighten us,” he stated.

Ferrari to introduce another three models in 2019, hybrid electric direction to be intently pursued

The increase in its product portfolio and widening of its scope was outlined by Camilleri last year, with a four-pronged product line (sport, gran turismo, special series and Icona) expected to shape up. As many as 15 new vehicles are expected to be introduced by 2022, among them the much-anticipated Purosangue SUV and the next-gen LaFerrari.

Camilleri reiterated that hybrid electric technology will play an increasing part in the scheme of things, the road to electrification being paved by the SF90 Stradale. “This is the first step in a direction that Ferrari is committed to pursuing with unwavering determination in the coming years. By entering this segment, I am convinced we will attract new customers,” he said.

The next hybrid configuration should feature in one of the three models that will be launched later this year, a new entry-level, mid-engine sports car model with equipped with a V6 turbo. The company expects that up to 60% of its lineup – including all of its sports cars and a new range of plug-in hybrid gran turismos – will be electrified by 2022. Multi-material construction as seen on the SF90 is also expected to feature prominently in its future offerings.

GALLERY: Ferrari SF90 Stradale plug-in hybrid

GALLERY: Ferrari F8 Tributo

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