Fresh on the market in Thailand is the 2020 Honda Super Cub, priced at 47,400 Thai baht (RM6,243). Despite outwardly resembling the previous Super Cub, calling the 2020 Super Cub merely a facelift is not quite accurate as there are some hidden improvements.

Work has been done to lighten the frame as well as increasing strength and stiffness, resulting in a weight savings of 3 kg from previous, down to 98 kg. The shape of the body panels and over all shape of the Super Cub stays much the same but but the rider now has a choice of colours.

A minor bump in displacement sees the Super Cub going from 109,17 cc to 109.5 cc, resulting in an increase in the compression ratio from 9.3:1 to 10.0:1. This gives the Super Cub a little more power with the four-speed centrifugal clutch gearbox having its ratios adjusted slightly to suit.

Other mechanical equipment stays the same, including use of drum brakes front and rear. The Super Cub rolls on spoked wheels, shod in a 70/90 front tyre and 80/90 rear.

Fuel is carried in a 4.2 litre tank located under the set. Aside from the new colours, an extensive catalogue of accessories and and parts is available for riders to customise their Super Cub.