Hyundai has issued a recall for the Kona Electric in South Korea over a potential fire risk, involving nearly 26,000 units of the electric B-segment crossover, Automotive News reports. This follows an incident where one unit of the Kona Electric caught fire in an underground car park in Daegu, South Korea recently.

That is just one out of 16 known cases, globally, of the model catching on fire. Similar reports have also been recorded in Australia and Canada. Hyundai is still in the midst of investigating whether the Kona Electric sold in Europe and the UK are subject to the recall exercise.

According to LG Chem (the company that supplies the Kona Electric’s battery), the source of the fire has not yet been determined. Internal reenactments have indicated that the lithium-ion polymer batteries, which burn much more intensely than more conventional batteries when set alight, were not the main cause of the blaze.

The recalled vehicles will get software updates, as well as a battery replacement should they require one. KB Investment and Securities said the exercise will cost Hyundai up to £400 million (RM2.15 billion), depending on the number of batteries it replaces.

GALLERY: Hyundai Kona Electric