With the next-generation Macan having been confirmed to go fully electric, our spy photographers have captured early images of the EV development mules undergoing tests. For customers who prefer internal combustion engines, there will still be petrol-powered versions for the next generation.

Here, the Macan EV’s headlamps appears to be shaped somewhat like those on the Porsche Taycan, even if the disguise decals have been designed to make the headlamps appear larger. The front bumper on this development vehicle sports large side intakes, like one would expect of a top ‘Turbo‘ variant.

The glasshouse has been disguised as well, with decals around the rear pillars made to look more upright than they are; the rear half of the roofline is more sloping than on the current Macan, and in terms of current production models, perhaps closest to the Cayenne Coupé. Of course, the chromed tailpipe finishers on the EV are decoys.

The rear end of this development vehicle also sports a retractable rear spoiler, and from these images, the tail lamps also appear to be slimmer than on the current Macan.

Details on the powertrain that will go into the fully electric Macan have yet to emerge, however our sources suggest that the EV Macan will have levels of performance comparable to those of the Macan Turbo and above; with the internal combustion SUV as a reference, this could mean a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 4.3 seconds or less.

This electric SUV will be built upon a dedicated electric powertrain platform called PPE, or Premium Platform Electric, that is being developed together with Audi.

This is intended for tall-riding vehicles such as this forthcoming Macan and other future electric SUVs, as well as lower-riding models such as sedans, our source suggests. So far, production of the all-electric Porsche Macan is expected near the end of 2022, however a debut in 2021 has been rumoured.

GALLERY: 2022 Porsche Macan, internal combustion version spyshots