A Malaysian festival is complete with a Petronas ad, right? And what’s Deepavali without murukku? Both combine here in the national oil company’s Deepavali 2020 ad.

Titled Vattam, the webfilm takes a bit of a different path this time around, being part animated. But don’t worry, there are still humans, there’s still family, and more importantly, there’s still a good message. The latter is a reminder to rediscover the little joys around us, among family and friends, as we go through challenging times together.

Vattam, which loosely translates to a ‘circle’ that represents wholeness and the way family members complete each other, brings to light the intimate family tradition of making murukku, a traditional Indian snack that we all love. Damn, I need some now!.

Brought to life through song and dance, the webfilm tells the story of four siblings with different personalities, represented by the ingredients and utensils needed to make murukku. Every step and ingredient in the murukku-making process symbolises a family member, where each plays an important role and cannot do without one or the other.

This message of togetherness is in line with Petronas’ “Our Unique Family” festive theme for 2020. The theme focuses on Malaysians’ spirit to overcome obstacles collectively, despite individual differences.

How to make murukku? Half cup of song, two teaspoons of dance, four siblings, one cup of laughter, and whole lot of love. Happy Deepavali!