Waze has released a new update for its Apple iOS app, which adds support for the split-view CarPlay dashboard mode. This feature was previously offered in the beta version of the Waze app, but has since been made available as part of the stable version 4.69.

Dashboard mode allows users to display their current mapping directions alongside music controls and cards from other apps on the same page. Previously, only Apple Maps worked with this mode, but after third-party support was introduced with iOS 13.4, other apps like Google Maps, and now Waze, support the feature, as demonstrated by YouTube user Rahul Unnikrishnan.

In operation, Waze on the CarPlay multi-view page shows information such as the on-map navigation (with lane assist), estimated time of arrival, the current speed and speed limit. It’s also capable of showing the location of reports such as speed traps and traffic jams, while a separate card provides navigation directions in text form.

Visual alerts and sending reports aren’t featured while using Waze in dashboard mode, likely due to the lack of on-screen space, so you’ll need to open the app in full to get it, which can be done by simply tapping on any of the two Waze cards.