Nissan files “I-Power” trademark for Infiniti EVs?

Nissan files “I-Power” trademark for Infiniti EVs?

Infiniti QX Inspiration concept

Nissan’s nomenclature for electrification in its model range is e-Power, with the badging found on range extender-equipped EV models such as the Note e-Power as well as the e-Power variant of the Nissan Serena. Now, the Japanese automaker appears to be taking this to more premium market segments.

A filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) was sighted by CarBuzz, where the document revealed that Nissan had filed for the name ‘I-Power’, rather similar to its existing e-Power and likely meant to denote application for Infiniti models.

The trademark filing was described as being for an “electric drive unit for land vehicles; electric vehicles and their parts and fittings; fuel cell vehicles and their parts and fittings; AC motors and DC motors for land vehicles.”

This continued to describe various mechanical parts, as well as for describing a “hybrid system for automobiles, trucks, vans, sport utility vehicles, motor buses, recreational vehicles (RVs), sports cars, racing cars, electric automobiles; hubs for vehicle wheels; vehicle wheels; and propulsion mechanisms for land vehicles.”

Nissan files “I-Power” trademark for Infiniti EVs?

The e-Power branding is applied to Nissan’s range-extender electric models

The Japanese automaker’s luxury brand announced towards the end of 2019 that it will have range extender electric vehicles and hybrids among the five new cars it plans to launch by 2022, and it has also said at the time that it will roll out models based on Nissan’s e-Power drivetrain technology; this trademark filing could be that purpose.

The e-Power system employs a 1.2 litre HR12DE petrol engine that outputs 79 PS and 103 Nm of torque, which serves solely as a power source for the 109 PS/254 Nm electric motor from the Nissan Leaf, which drives the wheels.

This setup enables the driver to enjoy the benefits of an electric powertrain, such as the immediate delivery of peak torque, without the concern for charging the vehicle’s battery, according to Nissan.

The range extender configuration of the powertrain also means that the battery is smaller than a purely battery-electric setup such as in the Leaf, thus allowing it to be located beneath the front seats without encroaching upon interior space.

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