The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) will tighten the issuance of travel permits by conducting thorough checks to ensure individuals are truthful when applying for permission to cross districts or states. Additionally, it is warning individuals not to abuse authorisation letters provided to them by their employers in order to go on an outstation holiday or visit relatives beyond the travel limit rule, especially during the long Chinese New Year break.

Bukit Aman deputy director of internal security and public order DCP Datuk Kasuahdi Ali told Berita Harian and The Star that travel permit applications will be properly vetted at the station level before any approval is given. He added that the police have received many travel permit applications from individuals, although a lot of them were rejected because the real reason was to meet family members.

As per the government’s CNY standard operating procedures (SOPs), reunion dinners are allowed on February 11, but limited to 15 family members living within a radius of 10 km from each other, with no interstate or inter-district travel allowed.

Besides the reunion dinner allowance, any gatherings, open houses or house visits are still prohibited. However, temple visitations are allowed on February 11, 12 and 19, with a maximum capacity of 30 pax at one time and each visit is limited to only 30 minutes, from 6am to 2pm.

Aside from setting up roadblocks, the police will also initiate Op Limau, which will see the mobilisation of a special team to ensure the public adheres to the SOPs.