Last week, it was announced that those caught for MCO-related offences or breaching standard operating procedures (SOPs) will face a maximum fine of RM10,000 instead of RM1,000, following the introduction of the updated Emergency (Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases) (Amendment) Ordinance 2021 (Act 342).

It was reported that while all compounds issued by the police for SOP breaches will show the maximum rate of RM10,000, the final amount might be lower, decided at the discretion of the district health officer.

Now, the government has announced that the list of SOP offences have been finalised, along with the penalties that will be imposed, The Star reports. They will be made available online on the national security council (NSC) website.

Earlier today, minister in the prime minister’s department Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan detailed the offences and provided examples of what the fines would be for them. He explained that the offences under Act 342 are classified into three categories.

Category One offences are those which involve a high transmission risk of the virus and would lead to a wide-scale impact to the community. Offences under this category have the highest fines. Examples that were provided include:

  • Refusal to listen to the instructions by an official empowered by Section 11(3) of Act 342 – RM5,000
  • Refusal by an infected person or a person suspected to be infected to listen to instructions by health authorities – RM5,000
  • Entering a pub or nightclub, or an eatery within a pub or nightclub – RM10,000
  • Companies who are opening a pub or nightclub for operation – RM50,000
  • Category Two offences are those that involve a high transmission risk of the virus but would not lead to a wide-scale impact to the community. Examples of offences and their compound rates include:

  • Entering an enhanced movement control order (EMCO) area without permission – RM3,000
  • Refusal to listen to instructions by authorised officials regarding an EMCO – RM4,000
  • Refusal to listen or to give information concerning the prevention of disease – RM4,000 for individuals, RM20,000 for companies
  • As for Category Three offences, these are classified as those that involve low transmission risk of the virus and would not lead to a wide-scale impact to the community. These are the most common offences likely to involve the general public. Examples include:

  • Failure to wear masks – RM1,500 for first time offenders
  • Failure to record details via MySejahtera or on the log book before entering the premises – RM1,500
  • Failure to maintain physical distancing – RM1,500
  • Takiyuddin said that those who settle their compounds within a week will only have to pay half of the compound amount. “If they pay their compounds within seven days, they can get a 50% discount. If they pay their compounds from eight to fourteen days after they were fined, they are eligible for a 25% discount,” he explained.