New My BMW, MINI apps introduced in Malaysia: Apple CarKey support, new features for electrified vehicles

The latest BMW and MINI smartphone apps, My BMW and MINI, has been introduced in Malaysia, replacing the previous BMW and MINI Connected apps and offering a number of new features. The new software was rolled out to Europe, China and Korea last July; our country is among the ten that are receiving it today, including Japan and Australia.

Both apps feature a simplified new interface and additional electrified vehicle services, while continuing to provide access to vehicle data and remote services. There are also a range of navigation services, plus the ability to directly contact any BMW or MINI service centre.

The most notable new feature is the long-awaited support for Apple’s new CarKey, allowing iPhone users to lock, unlock and start their car using their phone on cars fitted with the BMW Digital Key (built after July 2020). To use it, users will need to subscribe to Connected Drive Services and connect their vehicle to their BMW ID.

New My BMW, MINI apps introduced in Malaysia: Apple CarKey support, new features for electrified vehicles

The apps’ structure has three apps for Vehicle, Map and Home, the first of which houses remote vehicle services such as a vehicle finder, remote locking and unlocking and climate control pre-conditioning. On the My BMW app, you’ll also be able to start your engine remotely, flash your headlights and update your car’s software remotely over the air.

Another feature within this menu is vehicle servicing and maintenance management, including service and recall alerts and online appointment scheduling. Roadside assistance can also be accessed here, as can a fully-digital driver’s guide.

For plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle owners, the Vehicle tab is also where you can manage your car’s charging, as well as an improved display of the fuel and battery level, range and charging status. There’s also a new self-explanatory Charging History function.

Next, you have the Map tab, allowing users to input a destination and search for points of interest (POIs) before sending them to the car; they can also share a location via an external app. New features for electrified vehicles include a range circle to help identify reachable destinations within the current range, plus the display of nearby parking and charging spots and charging station details.

The apps also include a message centre and a profile personalisation feature for adding your own profile image. Access to Discover BMW and the Connected Drive Store for purchasing additional vehicle functions is exclusive to the My BMW app.

The new My BMW and MINI apps will completely replace the BMW and MINI Connected apps by July. Users already registered with the latter will be able to use their existing BMW IDs with the new apps.