Michelin has announced its new Pilot Sport EV tyre made specially to meet the requirements of sporty electric cars. The rubber is designed to handle an EV’s higher weight and weight-distribution characteristics, while offering better wear resistance in response to their high torque and acceleration forces.

Developed with the knowledge it amassed from over six years in Formula E, the new tyre incorporates the company’s ElectricGrip Compound technology, featuring a hard compound for the centre tread. This is the component that makes the tyre more resistant to wear, Michelin says. The sidewalls have the same velvet-finish markings and patterns of Michelin’s Formula E tyre.

The Pilot Sport EV is also apparently 20% quieter thanks to Michelin’s trademarked Acoustic technology, a feat it achieved by using custom-developed polyurethane foam to help lower cabin noise. Rolling resistance is also lower, capable of extending range by up to 60 km (compared to a Pilot Sport 4 SUV that’s fitted onto a 2,151-kg EV).

Currently, Michelin is the only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the electric sports car tyre market. For now, the range consists of 16 sizes (11 original sizes, 5 replacement sizes), ranging from 18 to 22 inches. The new tyre is already on sale in China, and will be available on vehicles released in Europe and North America from the third quarter of 2021.