VIDEO: Hope/Lotus HB.T track bike heads to Olympics

Known for its emphasis on engineering, lightness and aerodynamics, Lotus Cars has lent its expertise to the creation of the Hope HB.T track racing bicycle. Destined for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, scheduled for August, the HB.T focuses on aerodynamics and the use of frame and fork design to move airflow around the rider.

The forks are a unique girder shape, located in front of the rider’s knees, serving to divert air around the rider and gain tenths of a second. Similarly, the wide rear stays behind the rider assist in the reattachment of airflow to give the cleanest possible aerodynamic profile for both bike and rider.

VIDEO: Hope/Lotus HB.T track bike heads to Olympics

Ed Clancy and the Hope/Lotus Lotus 110

Made from 3D-printed titanium and aluminium, the frame of the HB.T is formed from carbon-fibre, left raw and unpainted in the pursuit of lightness. The two handelbar designs, also developed by Lotus, come in sprint and pursuit styles and are integrated into the front end of the bike.

In the accompanying video, Great Britain Cycling Team members Ethan Vernon, Jack Carlin and 2016 Olympic gold medallist Katie Archibald talk about the HB.T and how it is important for that extra edge on the track. Also in the British contingent for the Tokyo Olympics are husband and wife Jason and Laura Kenny, and Ed Clancy who is aiming for his fourth consecutive team pursuit gold medal.

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  • Paul Greasley on Jul 01, 2021 at 3:52 pm

    You might need to consult the history books. The Lotus 110 was launched in 1993. Furthermore this “Lotus” doesn’t have an official type number… mainly because its not a Lotus!

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    • Jonathan Lee (Member) on Jul 01, 2021 at 4:22 pm

      Whoops, sorry about that, we’ve edited the story to include the bike’s actual name (Hope HB.T). Thanks for pointing it out!

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