2022 Honda NSX Type S to debut on August 12 – 350 units worldwide; last hurrah before production ends

Ever since the second-generation Honda NSX (it’s known as an Acura in the United States) made its debut in 2015, it was widely rumoured that there would be a hotter version of the reborn sports car that could wear the famed “Type R” badge.

Well, Honda has recently confirmed that a high performance NSX is on the way, but instead of Type R, it will be called the Type S. This isn’t the first time that there has been an NSX Type S, as the company previously released just such a variant for the original NSX in the late 90s.

Like that model, the new one will receive plenty of improvements for an even more exciting time behind the wheel. As Honda puts it, “the NSX Type S raises the already impressive performance of Honda’s cutting-edge electrified supercar to new levels, delivering more power, quicker acceleration, sharper handling and a more emotional driving experience.”

Details are sparce for now, and we’ll only know full details when the car makes its debut on August 12 during Monterey Car Week. The Japanese carmaker says to expect an enhanced version of the NSX’s 3.5 litre twin-turbo hybrid V6 and Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) system.

2022 Honda NSX Type S to debut on August 12 – 350 units worldwide; last hurrah before production ends

On the standard model, V6 serves up 507 PS (500 hp) and 550 Nm of torque, while a trio of electric motors – two at the front and one between the engine and nine-speed dual-clutch transmission – contribute to a total system output of 581 PS (573 hp) and 645 Nm.

To go along with the announcement, we also get photo and video teasers of the new model, which show a new five-spoke wheel design, a more aggressive rear diffuser, a new matte finish, carbon-fibre trim as well as Type S badging on the exterior.

There’s also an individually numbered plaque, which indicates the exclusivity of the model, as just 350 units of the Type S will be built, with 300 units destined for the US, 30 units for Japan and 20 units for everywhere else.

This is where things become bittersweet, as the Type S is meant to be the last hurrah for the NSX before production of the sports car comes to an end in December 2022. That’s right, less than half the number of years of the original, the NSX will go away again, and it isn’t known if a third-gen model will be developed. As such, the Type S will be a highly collectible model, much like past special NSX models like the Zanardi Edition.

Surprised? Don’t be. The reality is that while many have tapped away at their keyboards asking for “X company to bring back Y model,” when it does happen, few placed an order. In the years since the second-gen NSX arrived, sales have been poor, with several countries like Japan and Australia discontinuing the model due to lack of interest. While technically advanced with its hybrid powertrain, the NSX’s high price tag also deterred would-be buyers.

The path to the reborn NSX was a long one, with first confirmation of a new sports car being made in 2007, which would be based on the Acura Advanced Sports Car Concept. This was followed by the NSX Concept that was presented at 2012 North American International Auto Show, before the eventual debut in 2015 in Detroit.