Google Maps to display toll prices soon, like Waze

Google Maps to display toll prices soon, like Waze

Here’s a welcome new feature for Google Maps users. According to Android Police, the navigation app will soon display toll prices for the chosen route. This will match Waze, which rolled out toll price display in 2019. Waze’s toll price function – based on community input – is available in 15 countries, including Malaysia.

The report says that Google sent a message to members of the Google Maps preview programme, alerting them that it is working on a new feature that will automatically display estimated prices for tolls and other potential expenses on the route. Preview programme members were asked to take a survey to help the Google Maps development team.

The Google message says that estimated toll prices would appear along a drive route before the user selects it – this will help assist their decision. At present, Google Maps merely warns users that the chosen route has tolls. It’s not clear when the new feature will go on trial of if it’s going to be a worldwide thing, though.

But this is a good addition to what is otherwise the best navigation app out there (disagree and prefer Waze? tell us why). Nothing really comes for free, certainly not a fast route, so it’s good to know exactly what you have to hand over for that few saved minutes.

By the way, did you know that Waze is owned by Google and has been under the search giant for eight years now?

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  • Avenger on Aug 27, 2021 at 3:12 pm

    GM & Waze is just abang adik under the same roof. Can’t understand why Google not combine both apps. GM is more user friendly while Waze is more informative with police roadblocks & speedcam report function.

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