Castrol has launched the Power1 Ultimate range of four-stroke motorcycle lubricants, ranging from 5W-40 to 15W-50 in viscosity across five products, including one for scooters.

This range of four-stroke motorcycle lubricants have undergone testing which “promises outstanding performance in five key areas,” says Castrol, as well as outperforming rival products; according to Castrol, testing on a Honda CBR 300 has found that its 10W-40, 10W-30 and 5W-30 grades of oil have outperformed a competitor’s 10-40 product in terms of 30 seconds at wide-open throttle acceleration.

The Power1 Ultimate lubricant is also claimed to provide up to 50% better protection from wear and tear compared to industry limits across a range of motorcycles and scooters, according to Castrol.

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Based on testing conducted on a Kawasaki 636 cc engine, the lubricant was also found to offer smooth clutch engagement, a cooler engine over 12,000 km of testing under extreme conditions, and improved retention of engine power over 48,000 km of racetrack conditions.

The Power1 Ultimate 5W-40 and 10W-40 oils for motorcycles and the 5W-40 4-AT lubricant for scooters are priced at RM55 for each one-litre bottle. The two motorcycle oil grades are available for purchase now, while the 5W-40 4-AT scooter lubricant will be available from January 2022.

Meanwhile, the Power1 Ultimate also comes in 10W-50 and 15W-50 grades, and these are priced at RM60.50 for each one-litre bottle. The 10W-50 grade is available for purchase now, while the 15W-50 grade, like the aforementioned scooter lube, will be available from January 2022.