Honda Malaysia has announced the introduction of a new range of engine oils to its servicing product line-up – the SP Grade range of oils, which follows the latest American Petroleum Institute (API) SP gasoline oil standard, replaces the existing SN Grade range except for the SN 0W-30 fully-synthetic oil, which will still be available for cars with high performance engines such as the Civic Type R.

Suitable to be used for petrol and turbocharged engines, the SP Grade engine oil is approved and recommended by Honda Research & Development (R&D), with the entire range formulated to fulfill all requirements of Honda engines and meet the latest API standards.

Aside from providing stable performance and better fuel economy, the new oils enhance protection against low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI), an abnormal combustion phenomenon that can cause significant damage to the engine, and also comes with timing chain wear protection to minimise timing chain elongation.

In addition to improved high temperature deposit protection for pistons and turbochargers, the new SP oils also provide better sludge and varnish control, valve train and intake lifter wear protection, higher oxidation stability as well as emission control system protection.

The new SP Grade engine oil range, which consists of the SP 10W-30 mineral, SP 5W-30 semi-synthetic and SP 0W-20 fully-synthetic, is available at all 102 Honda authorised dealerships nationwide.