KTM initiates Express Bicycle Coach charter service

To serve the needs of Malaysian cyclists wanting to venture further afield, Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTMB) now provides its Express Bicycle Coach (XBC) charter service. Intended for cyclists bringing their bicycles on tour, the charter coach brings cyclists to their desired destination to begin touring.

With a capacity of 60 bicycles, the coach is adapted from a passenger services coach with three such coaches currently available. The bicycle coach with special racks for bicycle storage is complemented by an Air-Conditioned Day/Night Second (ADNS) coach, or a sitting coach with a seating capacity of 60 passengers depending on charter requirements.

KTMB CEO Mohd Rani Hisham Samsudin said charter fees would depend on the type of coach required and travel distance, with affordable pricing. Additional special services coaches such as leisure, conference, special salon, sleeper and buffet coaches are available for rental on request.

During the launch of the XBC service, 150 cyclists were invited to ride to Tanjung Malim from Kuala Lumpur. The cyclists then took a four hour ride around the Behrang area before returning.