In a world’s first, Gogoro has unveiled a solid-state lithium ceramic battery prototype for use in electric two-wheelers. Jointly developed by Gogoro and Prologium Technology, the new battery prototype is designed be compatible with Gogoro’s existing vehicles and its battery swapping network.

The new solid-state lithium ceramic batteries are expected to replace traditional lithium-ion batteries with greater power density. Gogoro estimates that its solid-state batteries will increase capacity of current lithium batteries by 140% or greater, from 1.7 kWh to 2.5 kWh.

This move is driven by Gogoro’s extensive battery swapping platform in Taiwan becoming the de facto battery swapping standard for two-wheel vehicles there with a 95% take up rate. Gogoro has over 10,000 battery swapping GoStations at over 2,300 locations, with 450,000 riders performing 340,000 daily battery swaps.

“As leading global battery innovators, Gogoro and ProLogium have partnered to jointly design solid state battery prototypes that integrate with Gogoro’s battery swapping network and two-wheel vehicles,” said Vincent Yang, founder and CEO of ProLogium Technology. “Solid state battery technologies present a new phase in the future of electric vehicles, and we look forward to advancing this Gogoro prototype battery into a commercial offering in the future.”