Superseding the Road 5 is the Michelin Road 6 sports-touring motorcycle tyre. While the Road 5 was known for its performance in the wet, Michelin has upped the ante with improvements in tyre life and wet grip in its symmetric tread design.

Of primary concern to bike riders is wet grip and the Road 6 provides 15% more adhesion in wet road conditions than the Road 5. This is due to the 100% silica compound that warms up faster in cool weather conditions.

Adding to the performance of the Road 6 is Michelin’s Water Evergrip tread design. As the tyre wears down, the grooves in the tyre expand thereby increasing the groove ratio and promoting water expulsion.

For tyre life, Michelin uses its 2CT+ technology tread compound. With a dual-compound construction in the Road 6, Michelin claims 10% more tyre life than the Road 5, the harder under layer of tread rubber maintaining rigidity during cornering, whereas the softer upper layer in contact with the road offering good grip and high mileage.

Rounding the list of improvements for the Michelin Road 6 is the Premium Touch design that allows for graphics and lettering on the sidewalls to stand out. This exclusive technology uses micro geometry to create texture, which in-turn allows it to modulate contrast and create shades of grey to highlight the tyre markings and give an attractive finish.

Carcass construction for the Road 6 uses Michelin’s Radial X Evo technology with 90-degree plies on the crown of the tyre ensuring a wide footprint giving high grip levels, both in a straight line and at lean angles. The sidewalls of the new generation of Radial X Evo tyres use a special ply fold that provides even more flexibility and greater comfort at high speed.