Travel across the Malaysia-Singapore Causeway will resume April 1. In a press statement, both Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Ismail Sabri and Singapore Prime Minster Lee Hsien Loong said fully vaccinated travellers can travel across the Causeway between Singapore and Malaysia without the need to undergo quarantining or testing, including pre-departure and on-arrival tests.

This follows the reopening of the Malaysia-Singapore vaccinated travel lane (VTL), which was suspended on December 23, for both land and air travel on January 21. With the reopening of the Causeway in full, travellers between Malaysia and Singapore will not have to undergo quarantine but must be fully vaccinated.

The lifting of the travel restriction applies to all categories of travellers and types of land transport, said Sabri in a social media post. Meanwhile, Singapore will reopen its borders to all fully vaccinated travellers from its General Travel Category countries or regions.

A new Vaccinated Travel Framework will take effect in Singapore from April 1 allowing all fully vaccinated travellers from any country or region to enter Singapore quarantine-free. However, this is conditional on travellers not having visited any countries or regions on the republic’s Restricted Category in the past seven days.