Here’s a live gallery of the 2022 Perodua Myvi kitted up with GearUp accessories, including the Ace bodykit. All the options are affixed to a white 1.5 H variant, the one just below the range-topping AV. Fierce, right?

The latest Myvi’s facelift is a neat one, cleaner than the original third-gen Myvi as it does away with the sizeable fog lamp housings in favour of vertical LED daytime running light strips (or plain trim) placed at the extreme ends of the bumper. If that’s too simple for you, the Ace kit solves the issue with a heavy hand, “blackening” the open areas with an add-on piece. It envelops the LED DRLs and gives the visual impression of huge air intakes.

Those black bits extend to the protruding front lip, which replaces the silver strip on the standard car and has the usual metallic “GearUp Perodua Originals” logo in the middle. The black bumper is broken up by body coloured “fangs” to complete an aggressive X face. The side skirts are in a matching two-tone style that’s mostly in black.

Compared to the front, the Ace kit’s rear end isn’t as fierce. The Myvi’s simple rear spoiler is replaced by a significantly larger wing that’s more protruding at the sides. It’s two-tone (black on the underside) and very prominent, but doesn’t have Proton-style holes in them.

The lower part of the rear bumper gets extensions to match the front and sides, and the middle section gets a diffuser in black. Like the front piece, there’s a GearUp logo in the middle. This white example also wears door visors that were offered from launch.

The five-piece Ace bodykit is priced at RM2,500, inclusive of labour and SST. The kit can be matched to all six colours and variants, but note that unlike the Ativa’s GearUp kit, it does not come with LED DRLs – the DRLs you see here are standard with the H and AV variants.

This example also comes with Ace seat covers. The PVC covers are in black, with the frame of the seat and some stitching in red. There are also small carbon fibre-style panels and the front chairs have embossed Myvi logos. Perodua says that the seat covers are soft but durable, and are easy to clean. It is also tested for side airbag deployment and does not affect Isofix functions. The RM745 set is only for G, X and H variants – the AV already has leather seats and is excluded, so there’s no GearUp fix if you’re allergic to red.

Also seen here are the LED illuminated scuff plates (RM260 for a set of four), red floor lighting (front and rear, RM240) and a dashcam (RM500). The latter has full HD 1080p resolution at 2.0MP (30 fps) and is WiFi enabled for live viewing on a smartphone. It boasts “high quality night recording with Night Vision,” Perodua says.

Note that the three items above require an accessory extension wire harness, sold separately for RM60. With this, there’s no wire-tapping, which will void your car’s warranty. First time buyers of GearUp electrical accessories must also buy the harness. The other options you see here are the luggage tray and coil mats with mesh top. Full GearUp catalogue and pricing here.

What do you think of the latest GearUp look for the Myvi? It’s not meant to be subtle, because the standard car is subtle and these are just options – perhaps, people who pay extra for a bodykit want something that’s aggressive and unmistakable. Read our review and launch report of the 2022 Myvi.

GALLERY: 2022 Perodua Myvi 1.5 H with GearUp accessories, Ace bodykit

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