Let’s face it – a Perodua launch is never complete without the deluge of GearUp accessories for the car. In our opinion, they’re a bit of a mixed bag; sometimes, they can be quite ostentatious, like the hideously gaudy bodykit for the Ativa. Thankfully, the range of products is pretty low-key for the new facelifted Myvi, which has just been launched this evening.

There’s no bodykit or additional chrome trim to be had here – the already-kitted standard AV is about as sporty as the new Myvi is going to look. Instead, the GearUp parts you’ll find here are mostly utilitarian in nature, including exterior door visors (yours for RM150), locking wheel nuts (RM200), magnetic sun shades (RM140), coil mats with a mesh cover (RM180) and a luggage tray (RM100).

You also get a few cosmetic options, such as the illuminated GearUp side sill scuff plates (RM260) and red footwell lighting (RM240) to match the AV’s searing red interior. Of course, a GearUp catalogue always comes with seat covers, but the full-black “Ace” leather ones (RM745) are actually more subdued than the AV’s seats with their bright red panels – although some red and carbon fibre-look trim adds a bit of flash.

Last but not least are the safety bits, including a tyre pressure monitoring system (RM430) and the Perodua Care child safety seat (RM680). There’s also a front dash cam for RM500, but do bear in mind that it already comes standard with the top AV variant.

There are also a couple of value-added packages you can choose. The Illumination Package bundles in the illuminated scuff plates and footwell lighting for RM450, which is RM50 cheaper than buying both of those items separately. The Utility Package, on the other hand, gives you the door visors, coil mats and luggage tray for RM360, a saving of RM70.

The facelifted Perodua Myvi adds several new features from the Ativa SUV, including a more efficient standard-fit D-CVT and the full Perodua Smart Drive Assist (PSDA) suite of safety features like Level 2 semi-autonomous driving capability. Prices range from RM45,700 for the 1.3 G without PSDA and rises up to RM58,800 for the AV with all the bells and whistles.

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