A Malaysian driver narrowly avoided a head-on collision while he was driving his family along a backroad near Janda Baik, with the recent incident being captured on video by his car’s dashcam.

In the video (originally posted by Sheran Bin Tahir), the recording car was being driven along normally when an oncoming lorry comes into view on the opposite lane. That’s not unusual, but what caught the driver by surprise was another oncoming vehicle, a pick-up truck, coming directly ahead at him on the same lane he is driving on!

Thankfully, the driver managed to slam on the brakes in time to bring his car to complete stop, preventing what would likely have been a very nasty accident. He then had to reverse his car to give room to the pick-up truck to move back into the opposite late. We can also hear the driver trading words with the person behind the wheel of the pick-up truck, who claimed he believed the lorry gave him room to overtake.

It should be noted that the road where the incident took place had double lines, and it is an offence to overtake on a double-lined stretch because it places you and other motorists at risk. Last September, Kelantan police investigated an MPV for overtaking at double lines on Jalan Bukit Marak-Binjai in the state, as reported by FMT.

The lines on the road are not for decoration and they do serve as purpose. Other things you can’t do on double-lined roads include parking on them, making a U-turn and crossing from one side of the road to the other. Offences with regards to double lines all carry a fine of RM300, with harsher penalties imposed if the accident results in injury or death.