Take delivery of your vehicle in style with the myTukar Truck – the showroom experience at your doorstep

Take delivery of your vehicle in style with the myTukar Truck – the showroom experience at your doorstep

You may have seen its kind before – trucks which, on first glance appear like most other commercial haulers, but soon reveal themselves to be a means of delivering a passenger car to its owner. These have typically been the domain of brand new vehicles, and for new luxury cars in particular, though now myTukar aims to bring the same polish and sense of occasion to its buyers of used vehicles.

At myTukar, every customer is special to the company, which is the reason behind creating a means of bringing the showroom to the customer should they prefer to take delivery of their vehicle purchase at another location of their choosing, in order to maintain the sense of occasion one gets from collecting a vehicle from the showroom.

This enables the creation of a unique vehicle delivery experience, as myTukar believes that buying a pre-owned vehicle should not deny customers the privilege of celebrating their purchase like they would with buying a brand new car.

All myTukar certified vehicles in its inventory have undergone a stringent, 160-point inspection, as well as any required repairs, parts replacement, cleaning and repainting should the corrective work be required, bringing refurbishment of the vehicle as close to perfection as possible towards ensuring the customers’ safety and satisfaction of ownership.

As shown here, the flatbed truck carries an enclosure for the precious payload that is the customer’s purchase, and both sides of the enclosure feature windows that are of nearly full height and length; reminiscent of the packaging for scale model cars that allow a view of the product before unboxing.

It is through these clear panels that the customer gets to take in the view of their incoming car, as well as the care that has gone into preparing their latest vehicular purchase for delivery to their doorstep.

For this white Perodua Myvi, as it will also be for myTukar deliveries, its wheels are securely tied down with ratchet straps, as the car itself is parked on the treadplated flatbed ramp that lowers to the road surface for smooth loading and unloading.

Of course, the customer won’t have missed the myTukar delivery truck coming or going, as it will be decked out in the firm’s latest rebranding that carries its very visible orange signature colour. However your day may have been going, the myTukar truck delivery of your vehicle to your driveway will surely add some spring to your step.

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