This is a tragedy, even for Malaysian road accident standards. On Saturday (July 23), a family of five in a Perodua Alza perished in an accident on the East–West Highway (Jalan Raya Timur-Barat Jeli-Gerik) near the Titiwangsa R&R.

It is believed that the 3.45 pm accident was caused by a Toyota Hilux that was from the Gerik direction heading towards Jeli. The pick-up truck lost control and entered into the opposite lane, where it collided with the Alza, Astro Awani reported. The image above was posted on Facebook by user Pfizer Ical.

The victims are Mohd Rodhi Othman, 64, Sharifah Rohana Syed Sagaf, 59, Siti Aishah Mohd Rodhi, 32, Ahmad Khomaini Abu, 32, and Zara Hana Ahmad Khomaini, aged six. The were buried together in Sungai Dua, Butterworth yesterday afternoon.

Police will record the statement of the Hilux driver when she is ready to speak. The 53-year old woman is still being treated in Hospital Jeli in Kelantan for injuries to her chest and lungs.

“For now, she is still in hospital for treatment and we are yet to interview her or record her statement. We will do so shortly when she has recovered or after she is discharged,” said Perak police chief Datuk Mior Faridalathrash Wahid, who added that she is still being detained and the rest of the Hilux occupants have given their statements.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing much we can do when out-of-control cars from the opposite direction come hurtling towards us. We’ve just got to be alert and primed for evasive action, if possible, and drive the safest possible car (strong shell, high crash safety rating), if possible.