Famed in the 70s for its range of odd-road competition motorcycles, North American brand Can-Am is more known to Malaysians for its expensive three-wheelers sold locally before the brand pulled out. However, with the coming move to electrification, Can-Am has unveiled a pair of electric motorcycles (e-bikes) soon to be released, the Can-Am Pulse.

There are two variants on offer, a road e-bike as well as a dual-purpose version with taller suspension. No technical details were released save a video of renderings but some assumptions can be made.

Carrying what it terms “Rotax E-Power”, Can-Am’s pair of Pulse e-bikes have a mid-mounted electric motor with belt drive to the rear single-sided swingarm. Only Level 2 charging in mentioned on Can-Am’s website with no mention of Combined Charging (CCS) or DC Fast Charging Level 3 (DCFC), thereby relegating its new e-bikes to commuting duties due to the battery recharge time required.

Styling wise the Pulse e-bikes feature an angular design that follows the traditional form factor of a motorcycle. Expect to see the usual accoutrements fitted to e-bikes such as full LED lighting, LCD screen with Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone app for tracking battery usage, range and the like.