Oyika bringing e-bike battery-swapping to Malaysia?

With the move to electrification for vehicles in Malaysia, Singapore-based start-up Oyika intends to bring battery-swapping for electric motorcycles (e-bikes) to the local market. Seen in a social media post, a photo of two electric scooters in front of an Oyika charging station are seen, along with statement saying “the first ever battery swapping technology is brewing in Malaysia.”

From information on the Oyika website, the Singapore firm positions itself as a battery swapping technology and service company. Oyika offers Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) to users, similar to the Gogoro battery swapping service in Taiwan.

Oyika bringing e-bike battery-swapping to Malaysia?

The battery is leased from Oyika with three subscription tiers offered although it is not as yet known if the same business model will apply to Malaysia. Its website states the packages on offer are pay-per-use (RM0.22 a minute), prepaid weekly (RM18 a week) and monthly (RM323 a month), where battery swaps are bundled with an e-bike.

For AC charging, Oyika lists several power outputs ranging from seven kW up to 84 kW, along with three-phase capability and dual charging ports. As for connector types, three options are listed – AC Type 1, Type 2 and GB/T – as well as a home dock for off-grid electrification.

Oyika bringing e-bike battery-swapping to Malaysia?

Moving to DC chargers, Oyika charging stations range in capacity from 30 kW to 1,280 kW compliant with CCS 1, CCS 2, CHAdeMO, GB/T charging options, supporting OCPP 1.6 and up for smart charging. Suitable for charging in public locations, Oyika charging stations support flexible payment methods including credit and debit cards, NFC and APP with back-end.

Oyika currently has a presence in Indonesia and Cambodia where its e-bikes and battery swapping is used for urban delivery services and transport. Oyika aims to lower the barriers to EV adoption in South-East Asia via the bundling of EV charging with e-bikes on a monthly subscription plan.

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