An Australian company by the name of mycar (previously Kmart Tyre and Auto) has launched new R car plates that it says help drivers who are getting back behind the wheel after a prolonged absence or traumatic experience like a road accident.

Like the current P and L plates currently in use in the country that let other drivers know if you’re a learner or provisional driver, the R plates – R for ‘returning’ – indicate to other road users that a driver should be provided extra space and treated with more care as they navigate the roads.

Unlike the P and L plates that are sanctioned by the government, the idea for an R plate is not an official proposal by any transport authority in Australia, Drive reports. However, there is no rule that says drivers can’t use the R plate on their vehicle as it doesn’t obstruct visibility.

According to mycar, about 75% of Australians have been affected by a road incident, according to a 1,000-person survey conducted by Pureprofile in August this year. 7News reports that of those affected, 21% took at least six months to feel comfortable in a car again. The survey also revealed 66% of Australians said they felt safer when learning to drive with visible L or P plates on their car because other drivers would give them more space.

The design of the R plate features a QR code that takes you to a dedicated page on mycar’s website with links to professional support services in Australia like Beyond Blue, the Amber Community and Road Trauma Support WA.

While the idea is of good intentions, experts are not fully convinced by R plates. James Stewart of Driving Solutions also told Drive that there is too much aggression on Australian roads and worries a blue R plate could attract bullying. What do you think? Is there a case for R plates and would they work in Malaysia?