We’ve all slept without charging our phones, left for work without our wallets, or worse, forgot where we parked our cars in shopping malls. If you happen to forget where you left your car at the Pavilion Bukit Jalil shopping mall, you can now search for it with the car locator system (CLS) and here’s how it works.

Using touchscreen displays located at several exit points – there are currently 10 terminals installed – users can either choose to locate their cars by keying in the number plate or time of entry.

Upon locating the car, the system will show an image of it and the user is required to confirm if that is indeed his/her vehicle.

Upon confirmation, two different maps will be shown to the user. The first shows where the user is within the mall, while the other map displays the location of the car in the parking area. Details including which floor the car is parked on as well as the pillar and parking bay number will also be shown on the touchscreen.

In case you’re wondering, the image of the car along with its number plate is captured the moment it is parked. This is done using a sensor and camera positioned at the ceiling of each floor of the parking lot. It’s worth noting that the system is designed to read number plates with standard fonts so if you have a customised number plate fitted, it may not be as effective.

Aside from capturing the image of the car and its number plate, the sensor can also detect if the parking bay is empty or occupied. Referring to our images, the number of arrows you see indicates the number of parking bays available in a particular section.

There are even colours to differentiate the types of parking lots; green for normal parking lots, blue for OKU (orang kurang upaya) drivers, and pink for female drivers.

We can already think of other ways that such a system could be used – if Pavilion Bukit Jalil decides to install EV charging bays in the mall parking, it would be technically possible for the system to automatically charge for EV car charging if the system is paired with an e-wallet!

So far, the only other location with this system, operated by edisijuta parking, is the KLCC shopping mall. Which other mall do you think needs such a system?

Thinking of heading to Pavilion Bukit Jalil? Use Google Maps or Waze to navigate there using one of the links below.