In a video posted to the DashCam Owners Malaysia Facebook page, a delivery lorry was seen driving along a road in Putrajaya before “drifting” into a parked Perodua Bezza, damaging the latter quite severely.

The incident occurred while it was raining, and it was likely the lorry was travelling at some speed before the tyres lost traction and began sliding, with the driver being unable to regain control on the brick road.

The motorcyclist seen in the video was lucky to get away unharmed as the lorry “drifted” between him and the parked car. Photos included in the video showed the aftermath of the crash, with the Bezza’s front end and passenger door being smashed and both airbags deployed.

It should be noted that the recording car is seen to be parked on a yellow line, which the road transport department (JPJ) has said motorists are not allowed to do.