Apparently its a trend now for motorcycles to pass through toll plazas using the car lanes instead of going through the motorcycle lane where they do not have to pay to pass through.

Unfortunately this ends up inconveniencing the car trying to pass through the toll booth. Seen here in these videos posted on social media are car users who have made toll payments (using RFID) but are unable to pass through the toll because the sensor at the toll booth has detected that a vehicle has already passed through using the most recent payment. This happens to be the motorcycle instead of the car.

Since this seems to be happening more and more frequently these days, there’s nothing much we can do other than to slow down on purpose if a motorcyclist happens to overtake us and go into the toll lane before we manage to clear it. Let the motorcyclist clear the toll booth by going around the boom barrier first.

You might be wondering, what happens if this happens to you? Will you have to pay toll twice? Some social media users have reported that they were only charged once. The toll system likely detects that a repeat charge by the same payment method within a short period of time is a system error.

If you did somehow get charged twice, this is when dashcam footage will be useful so make sure you install a dashcam if you haven’t already, so you have the necessary proof of what happened to make a claim and get a refund.