PLUS activates SmartLane for CNY – emergency lane open from Senai to Kulai, PD to Seremban stretches

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PLUS has activated the SmartLane on two stretches of the North South Highway with the cooperation of the PDRM and LLM. This is to smoothen the flow at critical locations of the E2, now that traffic is high due to the Chinese New Year holidays.

By the way, SmartLane opens up the emergency lane to increase the lane capacity at congested stretches. At these designated stretches, it is legal to use the emergency lane – the police are a part of this initiative.

The first SmartLane stretch is between the Port Dickson Utara interchange to the Seremban interchange, northbound, from KM260.0 to KM263.1. This 3.1 km stretch was open from January 23-24 and will be open again on January 29, which is this Sunday, when those having an extended CNY break will be coming back to the Klang Valley.

The second stretch is from the Senai Utara interchange to the Kulai interchange, northbound, from KM19.0 to KM27.0. This 8 km SmartLane stretch will be open from January 19-29.

SmartLane use will depend on current traffic situations. Follow the the road signs and personnel on the ground when in the areas. Drive safe and be patient when faced with jams, and stop for a break if you’re feeling sleepy behind the wheel.

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  • Observer from Space on Jan 25, 2023 at 10:00 am

    Why was this NOT publicise widely??
    The notices are silly – “Smart lane” and a drawing of the 3 lanes.
    What’s so Smart? Most motorists didn’t understand & didn’t use the emergency lane for feat of breaking the law.
    Can’t you just write – emergency lane can be used from Town A to Town B…damn stupid!

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    • They should widen the highway instead of just collecting tolls. The journey from sg dua toll to juru toll took me one hour. And another 30 minutes to second bridge junction. Please, just widen the road.

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0
  • smart-S on Jan 25, 2023 at 11:56 am

    Too many smart asses trying to be heroes by blocking ppl from using the “SMART LANE”

    Yes just write “can use emergency lane” not long winded explanations without stating the date of activation.

    On the sides of the rad, only the “YELLOW BOXES” are displayed, nothing on the dates.

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