PIAM supports digitalisation of license and road tax; benefits in terms of cost, environmental impact

The General Insurance Association of Malaysia (PIAM) has issued a statement in support of the digitalisation of road tax and driver’s license documents in Malaysia, and said that the move would bring “positive impact” not only to policyholders, but also to the environment.

This follows the announcement by transport minister Anthony Loke Siew Fook last month that it is no longer mandatory to display a road tax sticker on the windscreen of one’s vehicle, effective February 10, 2023. This has been facilitated by availability of moving to the digital road tax and driver’s license documents via the JPJ public portal or the MyJPJ mobile app.

According to PIAM, digitalisation is effective in its positive effect on the environment through the reduction of paper waste, as vehicle owners will no longer be strictly required to use road tax stickers for display purposes. Additionally, the move is also cost-effective as it reduces the need for the physical document to be delivered, that way removing the delivery charges involved.

Digitalisation of driver’s licenses also give drivers the option of travelling freely without having to carry the physical license, as the document can now be accessed by digital means, and the digitalisation initiative would overall benefit both the general public as well as the environment, PIAM said in its statement.