2024 Renault 5 B-segment EV hatch is 30% cheaper to manufacture than Zoe thanks to CMF-B EV platform

Renault is preparing for the launch of the new Renault 5 B-segment EV hatchback, which is scheduled to happen sometime in 2024. It won’t replace the Zoe, but instead will slot in under the Zoe in the Renault electric car line-up.

The CMF-B EV platform is 30% cheaper to manufacture than the Zoe, but it shares about 70% of its parts with the CMF-B platform used in the Clio and the Captur. The platform will use the tried and tested synchronous motor used in the Zoe and the Megane E-Tech electric instead of a permanent magnet motor.

The battery pack switches from the 12 modules used in the Zoe battery pack to 4 larger modules, which simplifies the electrical architecture and provides for a weight reduction of 15 kg. Renault says this way, the battery needs less physical size to offer more kWh.

Renault has prepared 9 prototypes for testing, currently wearing Clio body parts. They are currently undergoing winter testing in Sweden as well as Renault tech centres in Lardy and Aubevoye. The Aubevoye tech centre spans an area of 613 hectares with 35 tracks covering 60km, 42 test lines, 2 wind tunnels, 18 corrosion chambers, all hidden within 272 hectares of forest to shield the prototypes from prying eyes.

Being a cheaper car than the Zoe is good news because the current Zoe as it is is relatively expensive compared to other offerings such as the BYD Atto 3. The 2022 Zoe is priced at RM163k in Malaysia for the Zen R110 base variant with a 110 PS motor, while the Intens R135 with a 135 PS motor goes for RM175k. Both variants use a 52 kWh battery pack with range of up to 395 km.

Other European brands are focusing on bringing more affordable EVs to the market as well, such as Volkswagen with its recently unveiled ID2 concept.

GALLLERY: Renault 5 Prototype

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