Great Wall Ora R1 – data shows one unit registered in 2022, is the Ora Black Cat coming to Malaysia?

Great Wall Ora R1 – data shows one unit registered in 2022, is the Ora Black Cat coming to Malaysia?

Here’s something we stumbled upon while trawling through the JPJ registration data on the MAMPU’s portal. It appears there was a single unit of the Great Wall Ora R1 registered sometime in 2022.

We’re very familiar with the Ora Good Cat, but if you don’t follow the Chinese EV automotive industry closely you may have not heard of the R1. It is also known as the Ora Black Cat, which is more in line with the names of its siblings.

It’s basically a budget EV with a modest 49 PS, 125 Nm electric motor and a 33 kWh battery that can take it up to a 301 km NEDC range. Top speed is just 102 km/h, which is typical of small low cost EVs targeted at intra-city use. It has a wheelbase of 2,475 mm. Exterior dimensions are 3,495 mm long, 1,660 mm wide and 1,560 mm tall.

Is there a chance for it to be launched in Malaysia though? There has been news of a right hand drive launch in markets such as India but up to today, the launch has not happened.

In fact, it seems that the Black Cat/R1 has even been removed from the Chinese market website. We did a bit more research and read that it has been discontinued to focus on models with higher priced (and thus better margins).

Do you think a budget EV like the Ora Black Cat would work in Malaysia? We recently tried one of these city EVs born out of China in the form of the Wuling Air. Read our review based on our driving experience on the roads of Jakarta.

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  • Dick Cheong on Sep 14, 2023 at 10:47 pm

    Oral good for you but cat I allergy

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  • Waiting for pussy cat to come.

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  • MASAMI on Sep 15, 2023 at 9:03 am

    This will be a life changer. More people can afford and enjoy EV. Please come quick. Hope our OKU minister won’t rob us and put high tax for cars any more. Kesian the rakyat. We need a government that makes money from other country and give it to the rakyat like Dubai, Brunei, China etc. Now we only have OKU making money from us ( AP, tak, GST, tol etc)

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  • Ewww, why does it look like a Honda E knock-off?

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    • ERIKO on Sep 16, 2023 at 1:01 pm

      Have you seen any Hond E on the road? The production had gone bust. This is a better version of Honda E. better batery pack and most importantly cheaper price. Car nowaday no such thing as design copy like how you cannot claim to own a wheel design. You want to make a square wheel? hahaha. Lu sohai la. You sure your name is Lim?

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