Charge point operators (CPOs) have to register all EV charging locations in Malaysia with local councils

Charge point operators (CPOs) of the existing 1,267 electric vehicle charging bays (EVCBs) in the country will have to register with the local authorities. According to minister of local government development Nga Kor Ming, the CPOs have been given two years to apply for the validation of existing completed and operational EVCBs from local authorities, The Star and The Edge report.

He said this was one of the requirements determined in the guidelines on electric vehicle charging bays (GPP EVCB), which has now been implemented to standardise the development of EVCBs in the country. The national physical planning council approved the GPP EVCB and the application procedures on September 18.

Nga said the guideline is meant to expedite and simplify the application procedures for CPOs, and that the applications adhere to the planning and fire safety guidelines provided by PlanMalaysia as well as the Malaysian fire and rescue department (Bomba). He assured the public that existing EVCBs were safe for use, as they were set up according to safety rules determined by Bomba.

He said that for CPOs planning to install EVCBs in existing buildings, a pre-consultation with utility providers such as Tenaga Nasional (TNB) is necessary. “The approval process typically takes seven to 14 days, depending on factors such as the type of device, design, and location (whether it’s outdoors, indoors, or on an open rooftop),” he explained.

Charge point operators (CPOs) have to register all EV charging locations in Malaysia with local councils

“The departments in local authority, like the building control department or engineering department, will be authorised to provide certification. Additionally, the ministry will also implement a self-regulation or self-assessment method, overseen by a certified consultant,” he added.

Additionally, the ministry and the federal department of town and country planning (JPBD) would launch the national electric vehicle dashboard on November 1 to allow investors to decide where to set up EVCBs. Nga said that 10,596 locations had been identified as suitable locations for investors to set up their EVCBs, with more to join the list.

“Users can also check the ministry website for the latest news on EVCBs,” he said, adding that the government was still aiming to get 10,000 EV charging points in place nationwide by 2025.

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  • LoneRanger on Oct 16, 2023 at 10:10 am

    Dear NKM, as usual have a few agencies to clear before obtaining a whole set of permits. Why won’t govt agencies get together, streamline the process and a finalised flow chart. Give all 2 weeks to have a solution. Govt agencies are the primadonnas slowing progress with their bickering and forgetting they serve the Rakyat

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