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  • Kicherer K35 CS C-Class

    Another tuner lays it’s hands on the new W204 Mercedes Benz C-Class – this time it’s Kicherer. The Kicherer K35 CS takes the C350 up 34 horses to 306 horsepower, while it’s oil burner tuned […]


  • Honda Malaysia updates the Honda Civic 2.0S

    Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd has updated the 2.0S version of it’s 8th generation 2006 Honda Civic, a move that I see as an effort to further differentiate the 1.8S and 2.0S models. I’ve heard that […]


  • Mofaz’s rationale for Proton stake

    The Mofaz Group says it’s marketing and distribution strengths will be able to help turn Proton around, and is banking on this fact to win the Khazanah Nasional stake in Proton. “Technically, you have to […]


  • Mercedes gunning for the 335i with upcoming C400

    Autobild says Mercedes Benz is currently working on a Mercedes Benz C400 to compete with the BMW 335i. Mercedes Benz’s current highest spec non-AMG C-class is the C350, which at 272hp and 350Nm is a […]


  • Wiedeking: Bugatti and Lamborghini to go

    Wendelin Wiedeking has indicated that the Volkswagen Group could possibly ditch Bugatti and Lamborghini. Wiedeking is the current president and CEO of Porsche, and sits on the Volkswagen supervisory board. Since Porsche pretty much owns […]


  • Ford Malaysia’s Ford Ranger Matchbox

    This advertisement for the Ford Ranger back in 2006 was developed by JW Thompson’s Malaysian team for Ford Malaysia. It’s basically a matchbox with matchsticks in them (what else did you expect?) to promote the […]


  • New Volkswagen low-cost car spied!

    These are spyshots of an unknown Volkswagen sedan being tested in a snowy environment. It looks pretty much like a Jetta with a slightly different shape, sharing much of the Jetta’s front and rear design […]


  • Hyundai’s new model naming scheme

    As you’ve known, Hyundai has changed it’s naming scheme. Rather than using pretentious un-Korean names like Velacruz and Santa Fe, it has decided to adopt an alphanumeric naming scheme, ala BMW and Mercedes. All Hyundai […]


  • Hyundai i30 5-Door Hatch

    UPDATE: The i30 1.6 and 2.0 have been launched in Malaysia! This is Hyundai’s new generation European car, the Hyundai i30. It is also the first in a new model naming scheme which will name […]


  • Hyundai i30 CW Station Wagon

    The second variant of Hyundai’s new i30 series of cars for the European market has been revealed. This is the Hyundai i30 Wagon. It doesn’t look bad at all, though the side profile reminds me […]



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