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  • NAP After-Effects: Perodua slashes prices by 4%

    An update on Perodua’s price cuts. Instead of the previously reported figures, car prices will be slashed by 4% for it’s Myvi, Kelisa, Kenari and Kancil models except for the Kancil EX660 and the Kancil […]


  • DRB-HICOM aggresive CKD plans

    DRB-HICOM plans to aggresively start CKD operations following the announcement of the National Automotive Policy in order to capitalise on new opportunities and incentives that arise directly or indirectly through the new policy. DRB-HICOM’s company […]


  • Government not happy with minimal car price reduction

    We’ve seen some effects of the new National Automotive Policy only 3 days after it was announced. Most manufacturers have announced that their CKD vehicles would cost less. Proton says it would cut prices between […]


  • NAP After-Effects: Mercedes Benz CKDs cheaper, CBUs to cost more

    DaimlerChrysler Malaysia is reducing the prices of it’s CKD Mercedes Benz luxury cars across the board in the range of 6.5% to 10%, with immediate effect. DCM CEO Datuk Frank Steinleitner gave some examples of […]


  • Ssangyong Rexton II

    Ssangyong Motors, a Korean company owned by the Chinese firm Shanghai Auto Industry Corp (SAIC) will be launching it’s new Ssangyong Rexton II at the end of this month.


  • Khazanah may take Proton private

    Khazanah Nasional Bhd may be considering taking some government-linked companies private to help with their restructuring process in order to achieve KPIs. Earlier this week, K&N Kenanga had already speculated taking Proton private may be […]


  • Customs CBU Vehicle Gazetted Price List

    The following is the Royal Malaysian Customs gazetted CBU vehicle price list for alot of cars that are normally brought into Malaysia in CBU form. Please refer to the new National Automotive Policy tax rates […]


  • Flexi-fuel Cars run on gasoline and alcohol

    Flexi-fuel vehicles, short for “flexible-fuel” or “dual-fuel” vehicles are cars that can run on two sources of fuel. Common flexi-fuel vehicles run on gasoline and ethanol. Our Malaysian taxis are also flexi-fuel vehicles, as they […]


  • NAP After-Effects: Proton to reduce prices

    Proton M.D. Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir told press today that Proton would be reducing the prices of it’s cars across the board by 2% to 5%. Proton also aims to increase it’s local […]


  • Satria Replacement Model in April?

    A report by New Straits Times says Proton expects to launch a new model in April. This could most likely be the SRM as I don’t think there’s any possibility of a Perdana based on […]



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