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  • Proton wants certified vendors

    Only 70 of 270 suppliers of Proton Holdings Bhd complies with the ISO/TS 16949 automotive quality standard which ensures quality for automotive-specific suppliers. This is only about less than a third, which would explain why […]


  • Toyota Prius sales down

    Sales for the Toyota Prius in April 2006 has dropped nearly 25% compared to April 2005, the same time period last year. Toyota sold 7,500 Toyota Prius hybrids in April 2006, compared to 11,345 in […]


  • NAP After-Effects: Suzuki prices up

    As the result of the new CBU and CKD car tax structure and gazetted CBU pricelist under the new National Automotive Policy, prices for the CBU Suzuki Swift and CBU Suzuki APV have gone up. […]


  • Discussion Feature

    Discussion Feature

    I did some thinking on any enhancements I could do to this blog. I’ve noticed alot of people manually quoting each other during discussion. A forum would solve that. Do you prefer discussing blog posts […]


  • Proton to finalise recovery plan; wins Trusted Brand award

    Proton Holdings Bhd expects to finalise it’s recovery plan before the end of 2006. The plan will depend on the finalisation of a strategic partnership with another party, of which details have not been announced […]


  • Volkswagen Jetta Safe Happens Advertisement

    Here are more ads from Volkswagen for your viewing pleasure. These series of “Safe Happens” (a play on the phrase Shit Happens) advertisement videos are from Volkswagen’s campaign for the Volkswagen Jetta in the US, […]


  • Government wants to curb half-cut car sales

    Government wants to curb half-cut car sales

    The Malaysian government will be considering forcing second hand car buyers get their vehicles checked by experts like Puspakom to curb the sale of half-cut cars. Half-cut cars are cars which are assembled by having […]


  • Saudi King slashes petrol prices

    Saudi Arabia is a country which is really oil-rich. While the rest of the world is struggling with high oil prices, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has decreed that oil prices in Saudi Arabia will […]


  • HMS V12 Dragster Bike

    I previously posted about a car powered by a motorcycle engine, so what about motorcycles powered by car engines? I am sure you remember the Dodge Tomahawk powered by the Dodge Viper’s V10 engine. The […]


  • Best Motoring – 2 liter VTEC Challenge

    Best Motoring – 2 liter VTEC Challenge

    Best Motoring pitches the 2 litre VTEC superstar Honda S2000 against two other Hondas with similiar displacements. Going up against it is a Honda Accord Euro R with a 2.2 litre H22A engine, and a […]



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