Check this out! An ad for the BMW i3 has surfaced on our sister classifieds site, According to said ad, the “first (unit) in Malaysia” is priced at RM488,000 – which is a fair bit of dough for what is, basically, a five-door electric runabout. Well, no one said standing out would be affordable.

So while you’re away doing the numbers, allow us to remind the rest of our readers what the BMW i3 is all about. Said five-door hatch was the first model to be launched under BMW’s new sub-brand, dubbed BMW i, in 2013. The BMW i3 is powered by a rear-mounted synchronous electric motor that puts out the equivalent of 170 hp and 250 Nm. An optional range extender arrives in the guise of a 647 cc two-cylinder petrol engine.

With said option equipped, the BMW i3 possesses an operational range of 240 km. Charging the i3 takes more or less three hours via BMW’s i Wallbox Pure while utilising a rapid charging option can slice the time taken down to a little over 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, eco-friendly BMW fans will either have to opt for this grey unit or plonk down RM1,188,800 for the BMW i8 as the latter was the only i-branded model to be officially brought into Malaysia. If you’ve got about half a million burning a hole in your pocket, check out our test drive of the BMW i3 to find out whether or not it’s worth taking that plunge.

GALLERY: BMW i3 tested in Cyberjaya