• SPYSHOTS: 2018 Alpina XD3 spotted in the open

    If a new BMW model warrants a performance variant – and it appears most do, nowadays – Alpina will almost certainly beat Munich to it with its own interpretation. With the latest BMW X3 having […]


  • VIDEO: Alpina B5 teased, coming to Geneva show?

    The next-generation Alpina B5 based on the latest G30 BMW 5 Series has been teased, with the release of this video by the “manufacturer of exclusive automobiles.” In the video, we get to see a […]



Latest Fuel Prices

RON 95 RM2.23 (-0.10)
RON 97 RM2.50 (-0.11)
RON 100 RM3.05
VPR RM3.20
EURO 2M RM2.19 (-0.12)
EURO 5 RM2.29 (-0.12)
Last Updated 15 Feb 2018