• Morgan EV3 – all-electric three-wheeler for Geneva

    Looking for a retro-looking, electric-powered, hand-built, three-wheeled vehicle? Good news because the Morgan Motor Company has revealed the production version of the Morgan EV3 at the Geneva Motor Show. The first all-electric model from the […]


  • Morgan Plus E – old school goes electric in Geneva

    Morgan Motor Company has debuted an electric sportscar concept – with a five-speed manual gearbox – in Geneva. The Plus E, as it’s called, has been designed together with British tech specialists Zytek and Radshape, […]


  • Morgan to go electric: +E programme prototypes in 2012

    Click to enlarge. Nothing escapes the electric route, it would seem. Morgan Motor Company, working together with British specialist companies Zytek and Radshape, is developing a high-performance electric sportscar prototype. The Morgan +E project, as […]



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