• More barriers for us to get car loans

    We will now find it harder to get our car loans approved, following measures taken by banks beginning two months ago which includes checking the applicant’s credit ratings with 3 different sources before considering approval. […]


  • 4th Gen Mitsubishi Pajero to be unveiled

    The next generation Mitsubishi Pajero will be unveiled at the 2006 Paris Motor Show to be held from September 28 2006 to October 15 2006. The new Mitsubishi Pajero – fourth in it’s generation – […]


  • Suzuki SX4 Sedan Spotted!

    [ UPDATE: The Suzuki SX4 1.6 automatic has been launched in Malaysia! Click here for more details, specifications, photos and most importantly PRICES! ] Remember the Suzuki SX4? That joint venture car-SUV crossover platform between […]


  • BMW Art Car Tour – Sep 14 to Oct 22 2006

    The BMW Group will be exhibiting it’s 4 BMW Art Cars in Asia, and the BMW Art Car Tour‘s first stop will be Malaysia. The BMW Art Car Collection was conceived by French race car […]


  • Proton Post-AGM Progress Updates

    Domestic Sales Proton’s domestic car sales are up by 17.5% in August – 11,786 units – compared to the 10,018 units in July, which was in turn 21% higher compared to the 8,328 units sold […]


  • 2007 Alpina D3 based on BMW 320d

    Tuner Alpina takes a BMW 320d and tunes it up to achieve a power to litre ratio of 100hp per litre, a 0 to 100km/h acceleration time of 7.4 seconds, 410Nm of torque, a top […]


  • The Hamster tries out the Myvi

    Richard Hammond, or known as the Hamster should be a household name by now, thanks to him being part of BBC’s Top Gear team. The Hamster recently took the Perodua Myvi out for a spin, […]


  • No Audi TT RS?

    AutoExpress has some insider news on the new rumoured Audi TT RS, or rather the lack of such a model. AutoExpress says the S line upgrade for the Audi TT is as good as it […]


  • Great Wall Hover enters Italian streets

    Great Wall is the latest Chinese car manufacturer making a foray into the European car market, with 500 units of it to hit the streets of Italy this month. Previously, Jiangling was the first with […]


  • Malaysia to get locally assembled S-class next year

    DaimlerChrysler Malaysia Sdn Bhd (DCM) will start selling CKD versions of the Mercedes Benz S-class luxury sedan beginning February 2007. So far it’s assembly plant in Pekan, Pahang has already produced 25 units of the […]



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