• Volkswagen IROC Video

    Volkswagen’s Iroc Concept shows us a preview of how the new Volkswagen Scirocco Golf-based Coupe will look like, although we can probably discard it now since Volkswagen is going back to the drawing board to […]


  • Proton PM5 Concept

    Shots of this clay model concept known as the Proton PM5 Concept has been surfacing in forums lately. Some say it is a future model that Proton has been developing together with Lotus, and others […]


  • New 2008 Honda Jazz

    Related follow-up stories: New Honda Jazz S and V launched in Malaysia! AutoExpress carried a story late last month saying that Honda will be replacing the Jazz with a new version, however it’s styling will […]


  • ASMA Design Eagle II Sport Edition

    If I ever had somehow enough dough to purchase a Mercedes Benz S-Class for myself (though the cash would likely go towards an LS460L instead) I know there would be one tuner I would never […]


  • Volkswagen making 4-door coupe too

    Since Audi is working on the Audi A7, it’s only natural that Volkswagen have an equivalent model in it’s line-up. Platform sharing at it’s best. Work on the new car has started, and it’s Volkswagen […]


  • Hamann Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

    The Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 barely needs anymore tuning, so this package is what Hamann calls an Appearance Package. It’s basically aerodynamically tuned bodykit parts – a two-part front spoiler, two-part rear diffuser, roof-mounted air intake, […]


  • Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet

    Porsche has unveiled the open top version of the tech-packed Porsche 911 Turbo, naturally called the Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet. Following the 20-year old tradition of open top 911s, the new type 997 Porsche 911 […]


  • PEDA wants HP commission ceiling removed

    PEDA (Proton Edar Dealers Association Malaysia) has a new request for Bank Negara: remove the ceiling for hire purchase commission. PEDA wants the commission to be determined by market forces instead, so that the Proton […]


  • 997 Porsche 911 GT3 on the Nurburgring

    Unlike the 997 911 Turbo which features the latest in technology with twin VGT turbochargers: a first on a gasoline engine and all wheel drive, the 911 GT3 is a more track-day biased vehicle using […]



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