Mercedes-Benz E200K

The Cabinet has decided that the Terengganu government state exco cannot use their new fleet of Mercedes Benz E200K cars as state exco cars. The Perdana V6 Executive has to continue being used, but according to the Prime Mnister since selling the E200K will incur a loss, the E200K will be retained and used only to ferry around “guests”.

The Deputy Prime Minister said he expects a “great demand” for guests using the E200K cars, with the first such assignment for the cars set to during the Conference of Rulers meeting scheduled for October this year.

Now not only does the Terengganu state government have to continue paying the “high maintenance” associated with the Perdana V6 Executive cars, it also has to pay additional maintenance costs for the new fleet of E200K which will barely be used because it is not all the time that guests will be around. There is also the fact that RM3.4 million has already been spent on buying the E200Ks in the first place.

There is really no place for such waste of public funds in a country that has just massively hiked up fuel prices because of government coffers that are apparently running dry because of subsidies. These are not the kind of decisions that you make during a so-called austerity drive. Somehow I just fail to see the logic in all of this… how could all of this happen? I guess I am not qualified to ever be in politics!