• Tokyo 2009: New Toyota Mark X

    The new Toyota Mark X’s Mazda-like wheel arches are even more obvious in real life than in photos. Toyota has basically taken the existing Mark X design and litreally did a facelift on it, seemingly […]


  • Honda rethinks its future product offerings

    Future automobile products are planned a few years in advance and with the volatile world markets these days the job of a product engineering team as well as a product planner is getting harder and […]


  • Tokyo Live 2009: Daihatsu e:S Concept

    Looking at photos are one thing but seeing a concept car in real life is another. The Daihatsu e:S manages to look compact but somehow not excessively cheap at the same time, so you feel […]


  • Honda’s HELLO! Zone at the Tokyo Motorshow

    For those who weren’t there live at the 2009 Tokyo Motorshow, you can still have a glimpse at what an international motorshow is like. Because of the high costs of travel, alot of us will […]


  • Tokyo 2009 Live: Honda CR-Z Concept Hybrid

    The Honda CR-Z Concept you see here is very, very near to production. In fact, the production car probably already exists somewhere in Honda R&D, since it’s supposed to go into production in February 2010. […]


  • Honda Collection Hall at Twin Ring Motegi

    The Twin Ring Motegi is a racetrack in Motegi, Japan built by Honda to bring the IndyCar Series to Japan. So naturally you’d find a number of Honda-centric features at the track, such as the […]


  • Toyota FT-86: live from the Tokyo Motor Show

    Perhaps considered as one of the most anticipated reveals at Tokyo 2009, the FT-86 Concept (“86” pronounced “hachi roku”) is one vehicle many of us are eager to see on our roads. The good news […]



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