[ UPDATE: The new 2007 Honda Stream has been launched in Malaysia. Click here for prices and details. ]

I’ve posted about the new second generation 2007 Honda Stream last month, but the photos were of the exterior, without any shots of the interior. I’ve gotten hold of three interior shots of the 2007 Honda Stream, so check them out after the jump!

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A very nice interior with typical MPV design cues such as having the shift lever on the dashboard instead of between the two front seats. Some have speculated that the new 2007 Honda Stream would have the same Multiplex dashboard meter layout as the 2006 Honda Civic, since it does share the same platform but it looks like the new Stream takes on a more conservative meter layout. But the steering wheel is similiar to the three spoke design used on the 2006 Honda Civic.

There are two colour schemes shown here, one is a mix of dark colours like black and grey, and the other one is a cream and grey colour scheme. It’s safe to presume that likely that the darker shade is for the higher end sporty model which comes with a bodykit and an R20A 2.0 litre SOHC i-VTEC engine and a bodykit (from the previous interior photos), while the cream interior is for the lower end model equipped with an R18A 1.8 litre SOHC i-VTEC engine which made it’s debut in the 2006 Honda Civic 1.8S. The R20A is basically a stroked version of the R18A, with typical fuel saving and good low end torque characteristics. It’s said that the R20A will have a CVT gearbox option, but if you look at the photo of the dashboard meter and steering wheel, you’ll see that the RS-Z model (noted by the letters RS-Z in red on the steering wheel) has paddle shifts and the gear shift says “D, S” instead of “D, 2, 1”. So we know the Stream RS-Z will be getting a 5-speed automatic with manual paddle shifting option. Perhaps a CVT will be one of the transmission options too, but these are just speculation.

The 2007 Honda Stream will make it’s debut on the 13th July 2006 according to Honda Japan’s website. You can expect Honda Malaysia to update it’s local range with this new second generation Stream soon, as they need to compete with the Toyota Wish which UMW Toyota has recently started bringing in officially.

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