So does the spat continue with the now out-of-love pair. According to reports, the ongoing feud between Volkswagen and Suzuki remains unresolved, with a September 30th deadline set by Suzuki – for VW to retract what it called a defamatory accusation – having gone past without the desired response.

Suzuki had sent a letter to VW last week giving the German automaker until the above date to publicly revoke a statement that the Japanese automaker had violated a pact by signing a diesel engine deal with Fiat, saying that the claim had damaged Suzuki’s reputation.

On Friday, the reports said that Suzuki stated it had received a response from the German automaker that was “not worth commenting on,” declining to disclose the contents of the response. Suzuki added that it hadn’t yet decided on the next course of action, now that its request had been ignored.

According to a Suzuki spokesman, the company wanted to keep the contents of the recent correspondence private, and that it simply wanted to inform that VW had honoured a request to respond by the due date. Meanwhile, VW also declined to reveal what it said in the emailed letter, but did repeat its demand that Suzuki reverse the alleged breach of contract within several weeks. It has also remained steadfast in its refusal to sell back its 19.9% stake in Suzuki to the Japanese automaker. A full takeover by VW has been bandied recently, but is very unlikely.